James Wiseman- Individual

After a season where individual difficulties and disillusionment blended in with some enormous group.

Golden State Warriors large man James Wiseman is getting some consolation from a veteran partner.

James Wiseman- Golden State Warriors

James Wiseman- Sophomores

Wiseman's sophomore NBA season was lost to a knee recovery that extended months surprisingly lengthy.

Compelling him to watch from the seat as his group crushed the Boston Celtics to procure their fourth title.

James Wiseman- Compelling

As he plans for the following year, Wiseman is getting an assistance from partner Draymond Green.

James Wiseman- Following Year

Wiseman delighted in looking as his colleagues walked through the Western Conference.

James Wiseman- Delighted

Draymond told me, however, it's great to watch, yet you need to encounter it," Wiseman said in an appearance.

James Wiseman- Great Watch

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It has been a drawn out, difficult experience for Wiseman, who experienced a torn meniscus.

James Wiseman- Experience

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