James Wiseman- Bleacher Reports

Bleacher Report writer Zach Buckley published an article on Thursday. It included a trade for all 30 NBA teams.

The Oklahoma City Thunder traded for former No. James Wiseman, the Golden State Warrior's 2nd-round pick.

James Wiseman- Oklahoma City

James Wiseman- More Certain

Wiseman is in enough trouble to make one wonder if the Warriors would move him to be more certain.

He may one day be an impact rim-runner who can jump well if his patience pays off.

James Wiseman- Patience Pays

This scenario would see the Thunder starting with Shai Gilgeous Alexander, Josh Giddey, and Lu Dort.

James Wiseman- The Scenario

Grow with this core, but don't have too many impacts on the win column, that would be the right trade target.

James Wiseman- Many Impacts

Wiseman is an example of someone who could bring a lot of potential to the Golden State Warriors.

James Wiseman- Lot of Potential

James Wiseman- Another Season

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Thunder may want to remain in the standings at least for another season in order to see what happens.

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