Friday night, the Philadelphia Eagles announced that Jaquiski Tartt, a former San Francisco 49ers safety.

Jaquiski Tartt- Philadelphia Eagles

Tartt, a 30 year old Tartt (61'1, 215) was drafted in the second round by the Niners in 2015.

Jaquiski Tartt- Drafted in the Second Round

He is a Samford product who played in 80 regular-season games with 64 starts. Tartt's 2021 stats included 66 tackles.

Jaquiski Tartt- Regular Seasons Game

Tartt's seven-year NFL career has seen just 18 pass breaksups, four interceptions and two forced fumbles.

Jaquiski Tartt- Seven Year NFL Career

Tartt may be remembered from the 2021 NFC Championship Game when he made a mistake.

Jaquiski Tartt- May be Remembered

Mistake have resulted in Matthew Stafford's interception. This play may have prevented the 49ers from reaching the Super Bowl.

Image Source- NBC Sports

Jaquiski Tartt- Mistakes have Resulted

Tartt, who is an experienced player but has not had a significant impact, adds safety to the Eagles' roster.

Image Source- Sf Gate

Jaquiski Tartt- An Experienced Player

Tartt will be competing for a spot on the Eagles roster as a safety/linebacker hybrid player.

Jaquiski Tartt- Will be Competing

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