Jaren Jackson Jr- Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies aren't planning to include Jaren Jackson Jr. and Desmond Bane in any potential trade proposal.

Prior to when NBA free agency began The Memphis Grizzlies announced that Jaren Jackson Jr. will be absent.

Jaren Jackson Jr- NBA Free Agency

Jaren Jackson Jr- Power Forward

Jake LaRavia and David Roddy can play power forward. However, they haven't looked at the position.

All indications point to Jackson being back in good health and not missing the majority of the season.

Jaren Jackson Jr- Indications Point

By 2022 the NBA will be filled with elite scorers, and the majority of players at every position will be offensive threat.

Jaren Jackson Jr- Elite Scorer

Just 22 years old, Jaren Jackson, Jr. has established himself to be one of league's finest paint defense players.

Jaren Jackson Jr- Defense Player

Jackson's improvements in defense was one of the main reasons why the Grizzlies had the second-best record.

Jaren Jackson Jr- Improvement

Image Source- CBS Sports

Jaren Jackson Jr- Last Season

Image Source- Grizzlies Bear Blues

Leap in defense in the last season helped elevate him to an elite level of players who protect the rim.

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