Jason Peters- Plenty of Stories

There will certainly be plenty of stories and mentions of old adages the thing we can affirm is Jason Peters' move.

If you think of the former Eagles superstar Jason Peters, one of the first thoughts that recalls is the long-standing hostility.

Jason Peters- Former Eagles

Indeed the terrifying LT once made it on the record in reference to his fellow Cowboys as having "arrogance".

Jason Peters- In Reference

A remarkable turn for someone who drove a truck themed after the Eagles with Super Bowl LII references.

Jason Peters- Remarkable Turn

That's the words that seem to be in the mind of Peters after they surfaced again on social media.

Jason Peters- In the Mind

Peters, who is 40 has tried to do some sort of backtrack in the event that his earlier descriptions is relevant.

Jason Peters- Sort of Backtrack

Image Source- ESPN

Jason Peters- Official Website

Image Source- ESPN

On the Cowboys' official website Peters did not hesitate to minimize what he meant by his remarks.

They'll come in week in and week out. With that kind of swagger, you can see how the defense performs

Jason Peters- Kind of Swagger

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