Jaylen Brown- Trade Negotiations

It is believed that Brown was initially mentioned in trade negotiations with the Brooklyn Nets. 

First, there were whispers that Brooklyn was miscasting the situation for their own ends.

Jaylen Brown- Brooklyn Nets

Jaylen Brown- The Long Term

If they want Jaylen long-term, and they're willing to pay him the contract that he deserves," Bulpett said.

I understand frustration can occur when things aren’t going as planned, and I believe we saw some.

Jaylen Brown- Going as Planned

Nws wasn't being reported, everyone with a brain would have known that Jaylen's name will be mentioned.

Jaylen Brown- Name Mentioned

This is the probable (but not certain) reason behind Brown's tweet referring to the shaking of heads.

Jaylen Brown- Tweet Referring

Even if the employee is on good terms, hearing constantly about the possibility that they might be traded.

Jaylen Brown- On Good Terms

Image Source- The Boston Globe

Jaylen Brown- Keep it Going

Image Source- Boston

Right now, I don't think the Celtics see this. They know what Jaylen is and want to keep it going, I believe.

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