Jaylen Brown- On the Twitter

Jaylen Brown talked on Twitter about the bits of hearsay that place him in a potential exchange.

The Celtic could have done without his conceivable move to Brooklyn and posted an interesting.

Jaylen Brown- Conceivable Move

Jaylen Brown- As per Reports

As indicated by reports, the furthest down the line group to have apparently joined the competition for Durant.

As revealed, Boston has consistent correspondence with the Nets and has requested the player.

Jaylen Brown- Correspondence

The data delivered by The Athletic shows that the Celtics offered Jaylen Brown, Derrick White.

Jaylen Brown- Celtics Offer

Nonetheless, it could never have been enough for Brooklyn to greenlight the exchange.

Jaylen Brown- Never Enough

ESPN's Wojnarowski said the Celtics are no nearer to marking Durant than different groups.

Jaylen Brown- Different Groups

Image Source- Boston

Boston could remember Brown for the exchange and include three unprotected first-round picks.

Jaylen Brown- First Round Pick

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Stephen Curry likewise as of late bought property on the contrary coast with $2.1 million...

Stephen Curry bought a New Mansion