An autopsy conducted on the former Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson revealed that he died from the combination.

Jaylon Ferguson- Autopsy Reports

Chief Medical Examiner confirmed on Friday. The cause of death was also determined to be an accident, as per the office.

Jaylon Ferguson- Cause of Death

There is no other information about the circumstances surrounding Ferguson's death have been released.

Jaylon Ferguson- The Circumstances

However the office has stated that they intend to finish the majority of an autopsy report in 90 days.

Jaylon Ferguson- Finish the Reports

Ferguson was discovered unresponsive at his residence located in North Baltimore on June 21 prior to police.

Jaylon Ferguson- Found in Residence

According to the police, "Ferguson never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at the scene by medics."

Jaylon Ferguson- Not Conscious 

The Ravens announced Ferguson's passing on the same day and his agent Safarrah Lawson confirmed the news

Jaylon Ferguson- News Confirmed By

Image Source- NY Post

Ferguson has the NCAA record for sacks, with 45 during his four years during his time at Louisana Tech.

Jaylon Ferguson- His Records in Play

Image Source- Marca

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