There was just over a minute remaining in Game 6 of N.B.A. Finals were just over a minute away.

Jayson Tatum- Minute Remaining

Jayson Tatum- Celtics Coach

Celtics Coach Ima Udoka pulled out his starters. Jayson Tatum was able to take a moment and let go.

Tatum stated, "It hurts." "Being together with this group, the challenges we've overcome during the season.

Jayson Tatum- It Hurts

It was just knowing how much we wanted it and coming up short. It's a horrible feeling.

Jayson Tatum- We Wanted

Tatum was forced to watch another team, Golden State , celebrate their victory on their home court.

Jayson Tatum- Another Team

After politely thanking his opponents, Tatum walked away with a blank expression on his face.

Jayson Tatum- His Opponents

Tatum did not react when a fan reached out from the stands to grab the towel off his shoulders.

Jayson Tatum- Fan Reached

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Tatum was held to 13 points, with 7 assists, 3 rebounds and 5 turnovers in the final game.

Jayson Tatum- Assists & Rebounds

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Joel Embiid (a Cameroon-born five-time NBA All-Star centre) obtained French citizenship this week.

Joel Embiid Welcomed in French