Jayson Tatum- Under Firre

Jayson Tatum is again under fire after he denigrates an eight-year-old and his elder brother.

Being a NBA star is like being a celebrity. While one can gain a lot from the fans' love and affection.

Jayson Tatum- NBA Star

Jayson Tatum- How to Deal

Jayson Tatum has been learning a lot about how to deal with the naysayers in recent years.

Tatum has shown great promise and is poised to be a NBA superstar since his first year.

Jayson Tatum- Great Promise

He received a lot of love, as expected. Boston was there to support. But things turned sour in the NBA Finals.

Jayson Tatum- Lot of Love

His performance throughout the Finals was subpar, leading to much criticism and scrutiny.

Jayson Tatum- Throughout

The NBA rules protect fans from any kind of retaliation and are often abused by fans.

Jayson Tatum- NBA Rules

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But players can do whatever they want even if they're not on the court. Jayson Tatum was a good example.

Jayson Tatum- On the Court

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