Jayson Tatum- Green's Wedding

Tatum was among the NBA stars at Draymond's wedding. This article originally appeared on NBC Sports.

Tatum shares his thoughts on Jaylen's growth and has a message for critics. He uploaded photos.

Jayson Tatum- Uploaded Photos

Jayson Tatum- Better Folks

Tatum captioned the photo, "Good times with better folks, congrats to my brother @money23green.

We are curious if Tatum's heated exchange with Green during the Finals was brought up during the event.

Jayson Tatum- Heated Exchange

Tatum and Green have clearly developed a close friendship in the past few years, despite all jokes.

Jayson Tatum- Closed Friendship

Jayson Tatum, the Boston Celtics forward met Steph Curry the Golden State Warriors star once more.

Jayson Tatum- Boston Celtics

Tatum and Curry even reunited and took a photo with Seth Curry as well as Rich Paul, a power agent.

Jayson Tatum- A Power Agent

Jayson Tatum- Want Players

Image Source- NBC Sports

Although some fans wouldn't like it, especially those who want players and their families to be real.

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