J.C. Jackson- Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers cornerback J.C. Jackson was treated for ankle surgery on Tuesday.

A source said to ESPN that Jackson had a non-invasive surgery to correct a problem was inherited from his parents.

J.C. Jackson- Non Invasive

Las Vegas Raiders and then head for Kansas City on a short week to face the Chiefs for Week 2.

J.C. Jackson- Week to Face

Jackson was signed by the Bolts via free agency in March. He signed the team with a five-year $82.5 million deal.

J.C. Jackson- Free Agency

Jackson is expected to play an important part on a team that was traded during the offseason.

J.C. Jackson- Important Part

Jackson's procedure was carried out in the hands of the doctor Dr. Martin O'Malley at the New York Hospital.

J.C. Jackson- New York Hospital

Jackson made his debut in the NFL in the year 2018 as a free agent undrafted and played for four seasons.

J.C. Jackson- His Debut

Image Source- Si.com

J.C. Jackson- Opening Game

Image Source- NBC Sports

The Chargers will take on the Raiders for their opening game within just three short weeks.

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