This year's Father's Day in New York was memorable thanks to Jerar Encarnacion. A grand slam was the first hit.

Jerar Encarnacion- Father's Day

New York's Seth Lugo, a reliever, left a fastball at the plate in the seventh inning against the Mets at Citifield.

Jerar Encarnacion- New York Seth Lugo

Encarnacion, a right-handed hitter, lined it the other direction to give Miami a 4-1 lead.

Jerar Encarnacion- Right Handed Hitter

Encarnacion was the fifth MLB player to hit a grand slam, and interestingly, the second Marlin (Jeremy Hermida, 2005).

Jerar Encarnacion- First MLB Player

After playing 26 games at Triple-A Jacksonville, Encarnacion was called up to Miami on Friday.

Jerar Encarnacion- 26 Games at Triple Game

He started the season at Double A Pensacola where he was able to slash.358/.427/.583.

Image Source- Miami Herald

Jerar Encarnacion- Season Double A

Encarnacion was signed by the Marlins out of Dominican Republic in 2015. He was unable to keep up with the majors.

Image Source- SF Gate

Jerar Encarnacion- Signed by the Marlins

Jerar Encarnacion, a Marlins prospect, put together a Major League debut that was unlike anything he had ever seen.

Jerar Encarnacion- Major League Debuts

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