Jerry Jones- Dallas Cowboys

This week Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted to an open confession that got the NFL world abuzz.

If anybody is thinking we have more said about us, more visibility...that's exactly what I'm trying to do," the coach declared.

Jerry Jones- More Visibility

I want to keep them talking about the Cowboys. If we got them talking about us, we're doing our job.

Jerry Jones- Doing Jobs

JJ basically just told on himself about how winning is not the ultimate goal but staying relevant is," one fan claimed.

Jerry Jones- Ultimate Goals

This is why if this thing goes off the rails you can miss me blaming Dak, the players or even McCarthy.

Jerry Jones- Blaming Dak

I was always one to say these guys care more about winning than they do their image, even if care about.

Jerry Jones- Care About

Image Source-  Somag News

Jerry Jones- Effective Team

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Jones obviously cares about having an effective football team. However, he obviously wants to increase ticket sales.

Ensure that his team remains one of the top-rated franchises in the NFL which is exactly what it is.

Jerry Jones- Top Rated Francise

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