Jerry Jones- Dallas Cowboys

Stephen A. Smith , a well-known Dallas Cowboys fanatic, is . He is not ashamed to admit it.

Smith smiles when they lose in the playoffs. He's thrilled to be able to discuss their bad performances.

Jerry Jones- Loose in the Playoffs

Jerry Jones- Well Aware Of

This is something that the fans are well aware of, but it's also something that players and staff probably know.

Smith visited Dallas recently. Jones realized that he had an opportunity to win over Dallas' most hated man.

Jerry Jones- An Opportunity

If I don't have the ability to dress in an ordinary way, I cannot just show up at Cowboys facilities.

Jerry Jones- Ability to Dress

Jones intervened and said that he was trying to take some heat off his team. Smith agreed.

Jerry Jones- His Team

If I can get him on the helicopter and it's really good, then maybe I'll get him to retract his comments about Cowboys. 

Jerry Jones- Really Good

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Jerry Jones- Answer the Question

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Smith laughed about pleading the fifth to answer the question of whether or not he would take it easy.

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