Jimmy Butler- NBA Offseason

The NBA offseason has begun. While teams and organizations are busy changing rosters.

Jimmy Butler is one of the most prominent names in this regard leading the team to the conference.

Jimmy Butler- Prominent Names

Jimmy Butler- Long Season

After a long season that saw him lead the Miami Heat to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Butler is still having the time and joy of his life. The small forward is currently on vacation in Colombia.

Jimmy Butler- Joy of his Life

Many fans mock Butler's new hairstyle after he got them done. It seems that the 33-year old

Jimmy Butler- Many Fans Mocked

A picture of Butler getting a hair cut went viral recently. The small forward was ruthlessly trotted.

Jimmy Butler- Haircut went Viral

Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat forward, has displayed his personality throughout his playing career.

Jimmy Butler- Displayed Personality

Butler showed off his new look Wednesday night in a social media post that generated quiet.

Jimmy Butler- Social Media Post

Image Source- SI.COM, Bleacher Reports

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