JetBlue- Deal Agreement

The 49ers haven't been merely keeping the quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in bubble wraps.

The team has basically banned him from the team, and they haven't cut him off. Coach Kyle Shanahan addressed.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Basically Banned

Jimmy Garoppolo- Started Following

I think he's not there, so he came into the room and started throwing and left which is why I'll remain.

We're saying, go ahead you don't have to be here," Shanahan stated. "Anything is he'd like to do.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Go Ahead

We are aware of every aspect of this issue and I believe that both sides realize that each is doing.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Every Aspect

Shanahan was asked if there's a chance that Garoppolo could make the roster even if he's not traded.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Roster Event

I don't give an absolute anything, so yeah, I'm sure I could come up with the scenario.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Absolute Anything

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Sincerely, as the 49ers are waiting for a starter quarterback elsewhere , if they suffer an injury.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Quarterback

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JetBlue Airways has agreed to a $3.8 billion agreement to acquire Spirit Airlines in the form of a takeover...

JetBlue Finally Agrees to Buy Spirit Airlines