Jimmy Garoppolo- Trade Offer

While the 49ers remain in the look for a trade offer to come up to trade player Jimmy Garoppolo.

The latest report will make it difficult for teams to justify a gamble on Garoppolo without injury.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Without Injury

Jimmy Garoppolo- Serious Doubts

Recent reports raise serious doubts about the degree of Jimmy Garoppolo's devotion to the cause.

A person who is not identified as a member of the coaching staff of the team in 2018 informed Mike Silver.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Coaching Staff

Once Garoppolo left the press conference which announced his new contract" there was no contact.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Press Conference

The report by Silver mentions the fact that Garoppolo appearing as a ghost for the 49ers was a routine.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Was a Routine

The Collective Bargaining Agreement contains specific guidelines that restrict football matches.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Agreement

Jimmy Garoppolo- Highly Paid

Image Source- SFGATE

It is evident that players like QB who are highly paid appreciate the interruption to their time.

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