Jimmy Garoppolo- The Quarterback

The 49ers gave the quarterback an chance to find a trading partner and crickets have been following.

Garoppolo is working in his own time at the team's facilities as the player waits for the next chance to play.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Team Facilities

Jimmy Garoppolo- 49ers Take Down

Every team that is interested is waiting for its turn, just waiting for the 49ers to take down Garoppolo.

The 49ers are sat on the sidelines and waiting for the injury of a quarterback to generate curiosity.

Jimmy Garoppolo- On the Sideline

In the event that they terminate him off before the deadline of 4 p.m. on September. 10th, he will receive nothing.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Terminate Him Off

49ers manager Jed York said this week that he's okay having Garoppolo on the roster for the entire season.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Entire Season

The odds of the 49ers keeping Garoppolo after September. 10 is slim to not even a dime. They'll need money to pay.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Money to Pay

Jimmy Garoppolo- To be Elsewhere

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Garoppolo is likely to be elsewhere this season. The only question is the following: When and where?

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