Jimmy Garoppolo- Offense Control

As they get ready to hand Lance the control of the offense on a permanent basis in addition to Garoppolo.

The 49ers keep clinging to Garoppolo in hopes that a different team would be willing to trade him.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Trade Him

Anyone who makes a trade for Garoppolo must satisfy the 49ers by acquiring their draft pick.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Draft Pick

Garoppolo is taking the plan, as this particular outcome is the best way to earn his full salary in the final year.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Outcome

This is the time that Shanahan and Lynch have to decide whether or not to let go of a player.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Whether or Not

If the player who is fired to ensure that the 49ers continue to sit on Garoppolo is transferred to the practice team.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Practice Team

49ers will have one less player than they might in order to maintain the ability to trade the former player.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Former Player

Image Source- Sporting News

Jimmy Garoppolo- Base Salary

Image Source- Marca

One active roster are able to be released at any time, and take the remainder of their base salary.

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