San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo's timetable for throwing is on track following shoulder surgery.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Timetable Throwing

The plan is Garoppolo who underwent the procedure performed on the right side of his shoulder back.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Underwent Procedure

If this occurs and Garoppolo will be able to be cleared for his physical, the trading market for him may heat up.

Jimmy Garoppolo- To be Cleared

Trey Lance has been the 49ers the team's starting quarterback in the offseason while Garoppolo was the Niners.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Starting Quarterback

Garoppolo was removed from the minicamp that the team must attend in the beginning of June.

Jimmy Garoppolo- The Minicamp

Garoppolo is in into the last season under his deal, and is set to earn $26.95 million.

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Jimmy Garoppolo- Set to Earn

The contract also included a no-trade clause that will run through the 2021 season only and the 49ers can transfer.

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Jimmy Garoppolo- No Trade Clause

An interested team could accept an $24.2 million pay package if it made a deal to acquire Garoppolo currently.

Jimmy Garoppolo- Interested Team

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