Joc Pederson's hit ability is complemented by some quirky quirks that are much like his personality.

Joc Pederson- His Ability

Joc Pederson- San Francisco

The San Francisco Giants_ All-Star outfielder regularly switches bats, not his own. He loves to use the bats.

Pederson stated that he was having trouble swinging and was struggling a bit. "So I went to bat rack.

Joc Pederson- Havin Trouble

The majority of hitters, and all others, are constantly on a quest to find the best bat and the next great thing.

Joc Pederson- Majority Hitters

Justin Viele, Giants' hitting coach, said that he doesn't believe many guys do this. Joc likes to play.

Joc Pederson- Hitting Caach

If he doesn't feel comfortable with one bat, he might try another. Joc loves to play with different bats.

Joc Pederson- Feel Comfortable

I have used the same bat the past five years. Joc is, as you can see, a completely different man.

Joc Pederson- Past Five Years

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Pederson stated that his Atlanta teammate Freddie Freeman was the best and most consistent hitter.

Joc Pederson- Teammates

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