Joe Burrow- Cincinnati Bengals

The seventh day of Cincinnati Bengals training camp wasn't the most exciting offensive performance.

The team had to go line-to-line "gassers" after losing to the defense in a red zone contest.

Joe Burrow- Line to Back

Joe Burrow- In a Gesture

In a gesture of solidarity, and also a reminder that he's not lost its sense of humor even.

The teammate Joe Burrow did the sprints with his teammates in his cart for golf.

Joe Burrow- His Teammates

There's no random guy jogging about Bengals practice. It's your star quarterback, Cincinnati.

Joe Burrow- Random Guy

Joe Burrow returned to the Bengals training facility this morning for the very first time.

Joe Burrow- Training Facility

Coach Zac Taylor informed reporters that Burrow was keen to participate on practice with less.

Joe Burrow- Informed Reporters

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While there's no specific date for his return, Taylor said he will let the player of 25 years to determine.

Joe Burrow- No Specific Dates

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