Joe Burrow- Guide His Return

The Bengals actually let Joe Burrow guide his return to the field for practice. And they allowed him.

He returned to meetings just a couple of days after having his appendectomy and was in the building.

Joe Burrow- Couple of Days

Joe Burrow- Overall Plan

In the overall plan of things, it's ideal to view this as if it was something like an ankle injury in the NFL.

Avoid doing anything intense until you feel better. An athlete would continue to put all the mental.

Joe Burrow- Anything Else

The Bengals had planned to grant Burrow just one couple of games in the preseason regardless.

Joe Burrow- One Couple

Tuesday's a big date for players of the Jets. Doctor. Neal ElAttrache will perform arthroscopic knee surgery.

Joe Burrow- Knee Surgery

While New York's doctors are hopeful, there's no way of knowing for certainty until his knee has opened.

Joe Burrow- Way of Knowing

Joe Burrow- Significantly Improve

Image Source- Sportskeeda

I've heard that trimming the meniscus will not significantly improve the stability of the knee.

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