Joe Burrow- Ohio State

Saturday's Notre-Dame-Ohio-State marquee game attracted an impressive group of athletes from the top on the sides of Ohio Stadium.

LeBron James Joe Burrow, Jayson Tatum, Joe Burrow, Jayson Ezekiel Elliott are among prominent names in the crowd.

Joe Burrow- The Crowd

A photo shared on Twitter via The Athletic's Matt Fortuna shows a couple of shots of the Lakers superstar along with his oldest brother Bronny.

Joe Burrow- Brother Bronny

A video posted by ESPN caught a few minutes that show LeBron and Bronny having a drink before the game.

Joe Burrow- Before The Game

WEWS's Camryn Justice also posted an image of the Bengals superstar QB returning to his college home.

Joe Burrow- His College Homes

He was a notable presence for three years before completing his famous university career with LSU.

Joe Burrow- LSU

Joe Burrow- Buckeye Star

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

ESPN has also captured an storied reunion between Elliott who was who was a former Buckeye star.

The Cowboys as well as pro football hall of famer Jerome Bettis and Notre Dame legend Jerome Bettis.

Joe Burrow- The Cowboys

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