Joe Johnson -- also known to many NBA fans by the name Iso Joe -- could be awarded his first NBA ring this year at 40.

NBA Star Joe Johson- First NBA Ring

This is despite the fact the veteran, who has played for eight teams over his career, isn't even on Boston Celtics' playoff roster.

NBA Star Joe Johnson- Eight Teams

However, if the Celts defeat the Golden State Warriors this season -- Boston isn’t favored.

NBA Star Joe Johnson- Boston isn't Favoured

Kendrick Lamar’s new album dropped this year is bad news for the Celtics which given Joe a chance.

NBA Star Joe Johnson- New Album Drop

It’s possible that Johnson will be awarded a ring by the franchise after he plays for them this season.

NBA Star Joe Johnson will be Awarded

The guy who was drafted by the Celtics in 2001 signed a 10-day agreement through the hardship exemption.

NBA Star Joe Johnson- Drafted by Celtics

Image- The Source Magazine

The hardship exemption to come back to Boston in December. He played in exactly one game.

NBA Star Joe Johnson- Hardship


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