Joe Manchin- Senate Majority

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin on Wednesday announced.

The signing of a health care and energy bill, which is a significant achievement in over a year-long negotiation.

Joe Manchin- Healthcare

Joe Manchin- Significant Change

The deal represents a significant change from Manchin and the climate and health legislation.

Democrats are able to pass this bill through the House and it is able to pass the muster of the Senate.

Joe Manchin- Pass This Bill

Final bill has a few things that the moderates members of West Virginia had privately scoffed at.

Joe Manchin- Moderate Members

While the specifics of the agreement have not been released, the bill will invest $369 billion in climate change.

Joe Manchin- Agreement

Energy programs and aims at reductions in carbon emissions of 40 percent in 2030.

Joe Manchin- Carrbon Emission

Image Source-  Politico

The bill would also extend the extended subsidies for Affordable Health Care Act coverage for 3 Years.

Joe Manchin- Healthcare Act

Image Source- Politico

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