Joel Embiid- Upcoming Season

National basketball is only two months away, and with many people living in Philadelphia.

The real sickos are contemplating the many possibilities of the 2022-23 Sixers season could take.

Joel Embiid- Contemplating

Joel Embiid- Another MVP

Include me in that group of weirdos who will spend this week pondering whether Joel Embiid is another MVP.

If you think that's extreme it's because that's the purpose of this challenge, where we'll take a look.

Joel Embiid- This Challenge

At the beginning of the week, Embiid will end up being the most significant player in the quest for the award.

Joel Embiid- Significant Player

After years of banging himself up against the walls, arguing for the award and getting closer.

Joel Embiid- Banging Himself

The player who has won the league's highest individual award after declaring that he doesn't need it.

Joel Embiid- Won the League

What would what does an MVP campaign for Embiid take place, considering the things.

Joel Embiid- An MVP Campaign

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