Joel Embiid- NBA Playoffs

76ers' 2022 NBA Playoffs were progressing, rumors began to circulate regarding the possibility of Joel Embiid.

A number of reports suggested that Embiid was in the process of obtaining the French passport.

Joel Embiid- Reports Suggested

Joel Embiid- Frech Citizenship

Few weeks ago, Embiid was officially granted French citizenship making the first step towards the dream.

While Embiid is in the right direction to play for a team that isn't part of the NBA the his former NBA veteran.

Joel Embiid- Right Direction

Injury prevented him from making his EuroBasket debut, according to the website BasketNews.

Joel Embiid- Eurobasket Debut

We know that he's waiting for his French passport. Once he has it, he'll then be able to begin the process.

Joel Embiid- Frech Passport

During the NBA Playoffs, Embiid suffered an injury to his face and an injury to his hand.

Joel Embiid- Suffered an Injury

Joel Embiid- Medical Procedures

Image Source- Sportskeeda

Fracture in his orbit didn't necessitate operation, Embiid underwent multiple medical procedures.

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