Joey Bosa- Latest Meetings

Joey Bosa started his latest meeting with reporters by responding to one of the questions with: "I don't like to talk a lot."

All-Pro and the six-time Pro Bowl selection, a player who is aligned with their other superstar at the top, Joey Bosa.

Joey Bosa- Pro Bowl Selection

Chargers not making the playoffs in 2021 had nothing to do with be blamed on their young and extremely skilled QB.

Joey Bosa- Make a Playoff

Alongside Mack as well as Bosa, Staley is convinced there's a pair that together be more than two.

Joey Bosa- A Pair Together

Mack and Bosa were able to spend the entire month of August sitting side-by-side exchanging tips and tricks.

Joey Bosa- Spent Entire

They watched together videos of edge rushers as well as offensive linemen they were competing with.

Joey Bosa- Watched Videos

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Joey Bosa- Own Maturations

Image Source- SI.COM

Bosa claimed that Mack's impact was so tangible that he's discovered that he is appreciative of his own maturation.

Just having a guy like that to motivate me, always being first running to every drill, I'm like, 'OK'.

Joey Bosa- First Running

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