Takeru Kobayashi won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest for six consecutive years between 2001 and 2006.

Joey Chestnut- Hot Dog Eating Contest

The year 2007 was the one when Joey Chestnut shocked the world with his victory over Kobayashi.

Joey Chestnut- World was Shocked

Dispute over a contract between Kobayashi along with Major League Eating barred him from participating.

Joey Chestnut- Contract was Signed

After slaying Kobayashi in 2007 Joey Chestnut won eight straight competitions. He was beaten by Matthew Stonie.

Joey Chestnut- Won Eight Competition

But, Chestnut returned to glory in 2016 and has been crowned the winner of six consecutive competitions.

Joey Chestnut- Glory Returned

Chestnut is a massive favourite to win that mustard belt. Chestnut is the favorite at -3000 to win the contest.

Joey Chestnut- Contest was Won

It's obvious that betting 3,000 odds on a guy eating hot dogs isn't appealing to the casual gambler.

Joey Chestnut- Hot Dog Eaten

Image Source- NBC News

Chestnut has eaten more than 74.5 hot dogs in consecutive years, and he even ate 75 hot dogs in the year 2020.

Joey Chestnut- Consecutive Year

Image Source- Insider

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