Joey Gallo- Los Angeles Dodgers

While Joey Gallo rounded third, quietly blowing a pink bubble as his Dodgers teammates were tapping on.

Two hitters bounced off rough patches to propel the Dodgers through a 6-3 victory against the Giants.

Joey Gallo- Victory Against

Gallo as well as Max Muncy, for the most of their careers they have had vastly divergent careers.

Joey Gallo- Career Stats

Gallo was a former top prospect, was sold by Texas, and was washed away by the Yankees.

Joey Gallo- Top Prospects

Gallo suffered through the majority of the season for the Yankees but he stumbled into his stride.

Joey Gallo- Stumbled

Muncy struggled throughout the season in Los Angeles, and suddenly found his stride in the month of August.

Joey Gallo- Season Control

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Joey Gallo- Teams Met

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The two teams met at an ideal juncture on Tuesday. Both teams scored three in their last 27 games.

Gallo stepped to the plate to face Garcia in the lower part of the frame. Muncy was on second after a double.

Joey Gallo- Stepped Up

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