Joey Votto- 2022 Season

Joey Votto will not play for the remainder of 2022's season, he announced on Wednesday.

His team was advised by several doctors to undergo a season-ending procedure.

Joey Votto- Season Ending 

Joey Votto- Estimate Recovery

The procedure will be performed on Friday and has a an estimated recovery time of six months.

 The surgeon says his goal is to be fully prepared for the start of spring practice in 2023.

Joey Votto- Spring Paractice

 Votto stated. "Only the past, three or four months or so has it been painful to the point where without getting into specifics.

Joey Votto-  Four Month

Votto was undergoing an MRI on Friday following that the Reds have returned after a 10-day trip.

Joey Votto- 10 Day Trip

 New York and Dyersville, Iowa for the Field of Dreams game.

Joey Votto- Dreams Game

Image Source- Blog Red Machine

Joey Votto- Across The Line

Image Source- New York Post

The injury first appeared in 2015 according to him, after the throw he was catching was across the line.

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