Joey Votto- Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto admits to feeling having felt "isolated" and desire to change.

The perception of fans that he was an uninteresting, boring persona caused a surge in his use his TikTok.

Joey Votto- Perceptions

Joey Votto- Declared

So far this year, I've made that attempt," Votto declared Monday at the loanDepot park Miami.

At 38 years old, Votto has the distinction of being Reds' oldest player, but his brightest star shines.

Joey Votto- Distinction of Reds

Votto was signed by the Reds in 2002's MLB Draft, years before TikTok and its predecessors.

Joey Votto- By the Reds

Votto's TikTok posts generally receive the most interaction. They have an average following.

Joey Votto- TikTok Post

Votto is a dance show that combines trendy moves, viral music and even dental appointment.

Joey Votto- A Dance Show

Image Source- New York Post

The Reds who hold one of the worst records in MLB with a 41-61 record on Tuesday morning.

Joey Votto- Thw Worst Record

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