John Collins- Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks offered a package consisting of John Collins, De'Andre Hunter and an undrafted pick for Kevin Durant.

The Hawks made use of the majority all of their capital in exchange with Dejounte 'Murray with Trade request.

John Collins- Capital in Exchange

John Collins- Centered Around

Like many discussions centered around Durant Atlanta's offer has not gained much momentum.

Just two months after Kevin Durant's request for trade, the story remains the main event in this NBA offseason.

John Collins- Story Remains

The most interesting suitor for this Kevin Durant (Former MVP) sweepstakes is the Atlanta Hawks.

John Collins- Kevin Durant

Charania reported that the Hawks provided a disappointing package in exchange for Kevin Durant, the former MVP.

John Collins- DIsappointing Package

His offer appears to undervalue Durant Perhaps, it gives credibility to that "Durant is hurting his value" argument.

John Collins- Hurting Values

Image Source- Forbes

John Collins- Draft Pick

Image Source- Basketball Forever

But, it could be the possibility that the draft pick Charania has mentioned is top-5 or even top-3 protected.

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