John Collins has been involved in trade rumors for the entire summer. He is able to remain at the Atlanta Hawks.

Before the superstar Trae Young signed with his team the Atlanta Hawks, they had power forward John Collins.

Then we come to 2022's summer then John Collins has been at the center of trade rumors going back a number of months.

Before the NBA Draft, speculation began to grow about possibilities of Collins being part of trade deals with the San Antonio Spurs.

The most effective approach you can follow is to give it your efforts to improve in any way you can.

With a wealth of strengths as a rebounder and scorer in his current form, Collins has areas of his game that require some work.

Image Source- SoaringDownSouth

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Here are two major aspects that Collins must improve on if he has an opportunity to make the team.

Since the league has become difficult to compete in the midst of the many talented players who can play offensively it.

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