Are be the Boston Celtics have an eye on Atlanta Hawks big man. A day ahead of the 2022 NBA draft.

John Collins- Boston Celtics Hawks'

The Athletic's Zach Harper reports his sources as hearing Boston "could be interested in a deal.

John Collins- Reports his Sources

While noting that Horford isn't an option for the long-term future of the team, given his age.

John Collins- Long Term Future

"Collins is only 24 years old, and putting him with Robert Williams III and Jayson Tatum in the frontcourt.

John Collins- 24 Years Old

The issue is, like the Athletic analyst points out, is coming up with a deal that is beneficial to all the parties.

John Collins- Athletic Analyst

Horford probably won't complete the deal even with the homecoming story for the star forward.

Image Source- Peachtree Hoops

John Collins- Homecoming Story

Could a package centered with players like Derrick White or Marcus Smart be sufficient?

Image Source- Soaring Down South

John Collins- Package Centered

The very thought of that can cause other issues that are difficult to fix due to Boston's plans on competition.

John Collins- Boston Plans

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