John Daly- Playing in PGA Tour

Daly did not win only five times while on the PGA Tour. However, two of them were major championships.

Daly has continuously turned up in the news, thanks to a wildly disparate yet somehow on-brand sequence.

John Daly- Widely Disparate

Daly has been granted the right to utilize a cart when competing for major titles he granted.

John Daly- Rights Granted

Daly is well-known for the carelessness of his body and larger build however, you can't hit the ball as hard.

John Daly- Building Body

If you're looking for another instance you can look no further than the game between the Nationals and Cardinals.

John Daly- Nationals vs Cardinals

It's difficult to imagine five seconds more well-equipped to capture John Daly's complete persona.

John Daly- Well Persona

Image Source- KJRH

John Daly- First Pitch

Image Source- Yahoo

The speed of a dime, and delivering the first pitch with impressive speed and astonishing accuracy.

John Daly at 56 with a deformed body is still able of the athletic feats most people would never dream of.

John Daly- Athletics Feat

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