John Wall- Former All-Star

John Wall, a former All-Star, is currently a Los Angeles Clippers player. After his contract was bought out.

John Wall was not fully healthy last season, and the Houston Rockets were trying to give young guards.

John Wall- Not Full Healthy

John Wall- Los Angeles Clippers

John Wall is excited to join the Los Angeles Clippers. He claims that he doesn’t “have to be Batman” for the Clippers.

Wall stated Saturday at the Las Vegas Summer League that he doesn't have a set schedule.

John Wall- Summer League

That's my ultimate goal at this stage of my career. I don't want have to be Batman every night in order to win.

John Wall- Ultimate Goals

How the Los Angeles Clippers do next season. Many believe they will be amongst the top contenders.

John Wall- Top Contenders

The Los Angeles Clippers are far from certain to win a championship despite the talent they possess.

John Wall- Certain to Win

They will need to work together and create chemistry so that the team makes its way clear to the finals.

John Wall- Work Together

Image Source- USA Today

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