John Wall- Past Two Years

John Wall, Los Angeles Clippers Guard, opened up about the challenges he's faced over the past two years.

Chase Hughes, NBC Sports Washington, shared Wall's answer when he was asked how things were for him lately during an interview.

John Wall- NBC Sports

Wall declared, "Darkest place that I've ever lived in." Wall said, "At one time I thought about suicide.

John Wall- About Sucide

 Tearing my Achilles, my mom getting sick, my grandma dying a year later, and my mom's passing.

John Wall- Tearing My Achilles

All this was happening in the middle of COVID. Me sitting in the chair while I go to the chemotherapy.

John Wall- The Chemotheraphy

My mom's final breath. Three days of wearing the same clothes, and then lying on the couch sobbing.

John Wall- Final Breath

Wall also spoke out about how important his therapy and support system were to him during difficult times.

John Wall- During Difficult Times

John Wall- Third Team

Image Source- National Today, Marca

Wall has not shown the same form in basketball for some time. He was selected as an All-Star and placed on the 2016-17 All-NBA Third Team.

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