John Wall- Salvation Army

A former Houston Rockets guard John Wall recently spoke out about his struggles in an event to raise funds for the Salvation Army.

In the course of his talk, Wall disclosed that the thought of suicide was on his mind due to injuries.

John Wall- Injuries

The news that Wall made public led to people in the media and his fans being remorseful for remarks.

John Wall- Remark

One member of the media staff who has apologized is ESPN presenter as well as First Take host Stephen A. Smith.

John Wall- Stephen A Smith

When I heard this story, I cannot wait to see him," Smith declared. "People like myself owe that man an apology.

John Wall- An Apology

We didn't know. That's not to say that anything was said about him cruelly.

John Wall- Cruely

John Wall - Going Through

Image Source-  SI.COM, USATODAY

But the fact of the matter is it's just a reminder that you never know what people are going through. I really did not know any of this.

Wall signed a two-year deal with his team the Los Angeles Clippers in July following a buyout agreement with the Rockets.

John Wall- The Rockets

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