Houston Rockets guard John Wall announced his decision to sign with the last year of his current contract.

John Wall- Houston Rockets

A final decision on his future will be announced within the next few weeks according to NBA Source.

John Wall- Final Decision

At $47.4 millions, Wall opting in was popularly expected because of reasons of money, since it's a lot more

John Wall- Popularly Expected

The five-time All-Star played in the last game as the rebuilding and young Rockets making a decision to focus.

John Wall- Five Times All Star Played

There was a previous report that suggested Wall might request an agreement buyout before beginning.

John Wall- Previous Reports

With the date just two days away , on Thursday night the chances of making a deal are dwindling.

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

John Wall- Just Few Days Away

It's logical to Wall to seek the purchase of his contract soon, given that the list of possible prospective buyers.

Image Source- Los Angeles Times

John Wall- Logical to Him

Since Wall is only one season remaining on his contract If a mutually advantageous deal.

John Wall- One Season Remaining

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