Johnny Eblen did not just take home the title on Friday in the Mohegan Sun Arena - he was dominant to win the title.

Eblen vs Mousasi- Dominant to Win

At the Bellator 282 main event, Eblen (12-0 MMA, 8-0 BMMA) defeated Gegard Mousasi(49-8-2 MMA 7-2 BMMA).

Eblen vs Mousasi- Bellator 282

The first round began slow, but it quickly escalated into chaos after Eblen hit Mousasi with a forearm that was close to ending.

Eblen vs Mousasi- The First Round

Mousasi took hold of the former college wrestling star but was then ejected from the wrestling for the majority.

Eblen vs Mousasi- Former College

The confidence emanated from Eblen who even showed off at times in front of the audience.

Eblen vs Mousasi- Confidence Boosts

Mousasi seemed to shock Eblen with a combo and again, the background of collegiate wrestling.

Image Source- MMA Fighting

Eblen vs Mousasi- To Shock Eblen

Mousasi fought back however, he was constantly met by the hard-hitting Eblen who showed the strength.

Image Source- Crypto Matters

Eblen vs Mousasi- Fought Back

In round 3 Eblen discovered his groove during the second portion of the round following an intense first part.

Eblen vs Mousasi- Discovered Grooves

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