Jonathan Kuminga- Summer League

In the wake of the success of winning the NBA championship and playing an impressive summer league.

Jonathan Kuminga is taking what he has learned and applying it to his home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Jonathan Kuminga- Home Country

In the battle against Cameroon at the FIBA Basketball World Cup African Qualifiers.

Jonathan Kuminga- FIBA World Cup

Kuminga was the overall leader of all scorers with 18 points. He also scored six rebounds and assists.

Jonathan Kuminga- Overall Leader

He was 10-for-12 on the free-throw line, proving that his vigor had produced positive outcomes.

Jonathan Kuminga- Free Throw Line

There were occasions where he was able to slash through Cameroon's defense while attempting to reach the goal.

Jonathan Kuminga- The Goal

Kuminga is incredibly athletic and the Warriors may have a diamond waiting to shine sooner rather than later.

Jonathan Kuminga- Diamond Waiting

Image Source- Golden State of Mind

Jonathan Kuminga- Qualifying Matches

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Never satisfied, and always looking to make improvements in the African qualifying matches.

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