Jonathan Taylor- Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts runningback Jonathan Taylor will enter the 2022 NFL season, if he is healthy.

Taylor said, "You understand risk-reward in sport that we play." He's a durable player early in his career.

Jonathan Taylor- Risk Rewards

Jonathan Taylor- Types of Injury

Taylor is proactive in addressing the types of injuries that can ruin a season or career, the soft tissue injuries.

He decided to invest in Strive Technology, which quantifies muscle performance to determine the optimal workload.

Jonathan Taylor- Muscles Performance

Taylor stated, "You must really trust in the preparation." "... All the preparations you made prior.

Jonathan Taylor- Trust Preparations

Running backs such as Taylor need to understand their muscular performance because of their dependence.

Jonathan Taylor- Their Dependence

Lower extremity muscle strains are the most common. The No. 1 injury in the NFL is hamstring strains.

Jonathan Taylor- Muscle Strains

Image Source- Horseshoe Heroes

Although these types of injuries are not new in the NFL, they have become so widespread.

Jonathan Taylor- Became Widespread

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