Jonathan Taylor- Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor nearly sprinted across the field in his last season.

The 1,811 yards he ran were over 500 yards more over Nick Chubb who finished in second position.

Jonathan Taylor- Second Position

Jonathan Taylor- Any Challenge

When Derrick Henry went down in Week 8 against the Colts Any challenge Taylor was facing for the rushing.

The player is already considered to be as the top. one fantasy prospect overall by many the head Coach.

Jonathan Taylor- Top One Fantasy

He's just come in - he's obviously in great shape," said Reich on Thursday. "But I remember the first year.

Jonathan Taylor- In a Great Shape

Now I feel like he kind of came in in midseason form there. Understanding what we're doing up front.

Jonathan Taylor- Midseason Form

Then as a route-runner out of the backfield, the work he's done in one-on-ones and what we've done.

Jonathan Taylor- Route Runner

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Jonathan Taylor- Scratching the Surface

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Reich said it sounded like he was scratching the surface of what he could do as a receiver.

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