Pro Football Focus (PFF) has been currently unveiling their rankings of the top 50 players of the NFL.

Jonathan Taylor- Pro Football

Jonathan Taylor- Released Player

They released players 31-50 which included Colts linebacker Darius Leonard who came as the No. 43.

When PFF looked at their rankings, there wasn't any matter of whether the running defensive back Jonathan Taylor.

Jonathan Taylor- Their Rankings

PFF released 21-30 on Wednesday. Taylor was ranked the number. 21, and was just one spot in the top 20.

Jonathan Taylor- Was Ranked

Taylor was the top player in the league for the 2021 season in rushing and was an excellent illustration.

Jonathan Taylor- Top Player

The Colt's offensive line was able to block well for Taylor, and he lead the league in running yards.

Jonathan Taylor- Offensive Line

Taylor had an average of 3.8 yards following contact and recorded 23 runs that were fifteen or more miles.

Jonathan Taylor- An Average

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Taylor makes an appearance ahead of No. 37 Dalvin Cook and No. 44 Nick Chubb to be the highest-ranked.

Jonathan Taylor- An Appearance

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