Jordan Clarkson- In Final Second

Wael Arakji proved why he is Asia’s best point guard by hitting a dagger corner 3pointer in the final seconds.

In the fourth period, the game was back-and-forth with Gilas leading 75-71 despite trailing by five.

Jordan Clarkson- Trailing Five

Jordan Clarkson- The Cedars Won

The Cedars won the final run of the game. Arakji's 3-off a Kai Sotto block pushed them ahead 83 to 78 with 16 seconds remaining.

Well, it was going to be tough," Gilas coach Chotreyes stated. It was difficult because we were playing No. The No. 2 Asian team.

Jordan Clarkson- The No.2 Asian Team

The FIBA-Asia Cup was playing at home. We knew it would be difficult, a huge battle for us.

Jordan Clarkson- Huge Battle

But I am proud of how our team performed. We fought hard, we competed, and we fought.

Jordan Clarkson- Our Team Performed

Jad El Hajj, Echoed Cedars coach: "I will be honest with you. It was very difficult. The Philippines made six 3-pointers.

Jordan Clarkson- Six 3-Pointers

Jordan Clarkson- Win The Game

Image Source- Bleacher Report, Hyperbeast

 After 15 minutes, we had the game under control and were able to win the game.

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