Jordan Clarkson- Five Sale

It seems it appears that it appears that the Utah Jazz are in the middle of a massive fire sale.

They've relocated Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell during the offseason.

Jordan Clarkson- Rudy Gobert

They look towards their next phase. They also sold Royce O'Neale towards the start of the offseason, too.

Jordan Clarkson- The Offseason

It makes sense for veteran players like Jordan Clarkson, Rudy Gay as well as Malik Beasley to be available to be traded.

Jordan Clarkson- Available To Be Traded

Three of them are the most appropriate for the Sixers to sign any deal because of the notion that the team.

Jordan Clarkson- Sixers

Three trades that the Sixers could make to acquire every player from the Jazz which work on both ends.

Jordan Clarkson- Both Ends

Jordan Clarkson- Every Deal

Image Source- Hypebeast, Bleacher Report

 A special thanks to the specialist in cap Yossi Gozlan for her assistance with the logistics of every deal.

The 6-year veteran of Florida State averaged 15.1 points and scored 38.9 percent from depth in Minnesota Timberwolves.

Jordan Clarkson- Flordia States

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