As it was the Utah Jazz were busy recruiting the head coach of their team Jordan Clarkson was in New York City.

Jordan Clarkson- Utah Jazz were Busy

A large crowd attended Central Park on Saturday for the celebration organized through Sidewalk the popular Internet.

Jordan Clarkson- Large Crowd Attended

In a video that made news on the social networks on Tuesday, Clarkson can be spotted as one of the happy participants.

Jordan Clarkson- Social Media

Clarkson's charisma has earned him the status of one of the most well-known athletes in the NBA.

Jordan Clarkson- Well Known

"I'm unique from anyone else anywhere in the world, for a reason. I'd say I'm from another world!" Clarkson told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Jordan Clarkson- Salt Lake Tribune

Whatever it is, whether it's his style or his infamous "good vibes," Clarkson often displays his off-court life.

Jordan Clarkson- Good Vibes

Image Source- Yahoo News

The water balloon fight is just one more example of the many examples Clarkson along with fellow teammates.

Jordan Clarkson- Water Balloon Fight

Image Source- SLC Dunk

Clarkson said in The Salt Lake Tribune in January. Whether it's his style decisions or his infamous "good vibes'.

Jordan Clarkson- Style Decision

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